De playlist van 15 oktober, Uitzending door Kevin, Jordy en Theo

Eerste uur:
Metalite – Warrior
Flying Colours – The Loss inside
Wind Rose – Wintersaga
Album van de maand: Steel Panther – I’m not your Bitch
Pretty Maids – Serpentine
Chasing Embers – High Stakes
In Mourning – Yields of Sand
Deathstars – Metal
Black Crowes – Go Faster
Live: Accept – Son of a bitch

Tweede uur:
Exhorder – Ripping Flesh
Cover van de week: Epica – Nothings Wrong
Airbourne – Backseat Boogie
Baggerbox: Boegies – Meh
Annihilator – I am Warfare
Cradle Of Filth – Nymphtamine Fix
Machine Head – Do or Die
Beto Vazuqez Infinity – Breaking the Silence
Entrails – For Hell
Sprague Dawley – Hypocrite god
Phil Campbell & the bastard Sons – These Old Boots Feat. Dee Snider
De Suskes – Boeren Aan De Macht