De playlist 7 mei, de uitzending waarin Myrath als nieuwe album van de maand werd gepresenteerd

Eerste uur:
Savage Messiah – Down and out
Diviner – The Earth, The Moon, The Sun
Kiss – Calling Dr. Love
Album van de maand: Myrath – Born to Survive
Seventh Wonder – Dream Machines
Live: Queensrÿche – Take hold of the flame
Iced Earth – Hold At All Costs
Coven – Black Sabbath
The Cards – Bandit on the run

Tweede uur:
Amon Amath – Shield wall
Cover van de week: BohnhetM – Du Hast
Distorted – Edge Of The Knive
Baggerbox: Lita Ford – Kiss me deadly
Ann my dice – Whisper in the dark
Legion Of The Damned – Nuclear Tormend
Vader – Grand deceiver
Zephyra – Fånge I Frihet
Peter Pan Speedrock – Motorblock
Autopsy – Charred remains
Hell’s addiction – Masking the pain
Testament – The evil has landed
Sick of it all – Wake the sleeping dragon