Eerste uur:
We are the catalyst – Breathing black
Sammy Hagar The Circle – Trust Fund Baby
Rival Sons – Look Away
Album van de maand: Legion of the Damned – Priest Hunt
Scorpions – Virgin Killer
Black Sabbath – Children of the grave
Krokus – Mad World
Spillage – Blood of Angels
Breakout – Nothing In Sight
Helga – Haunted

Tweede uur:
Metallica – Atlas Rise
Cover van de week:Arch Enemy – The Oath
Holyhell – Revalations
Baggerbox: Ratanplan – An aus
Testament – Rise Up
Opeth – The funeral portrait
Breaking Benjamin – Torn In Two
Candlemass – Astorolus – The great octopus
Havok – Give me liberty..or Give me Dead
BillyBio – Feed the fire