De playlist van 8 januari, de eerste reguliere uitzending van 2019

Eerste uur:
Kiss – I Love It Loud
Mother of Sin – A departure
Queen – Great King Rat
Album van de maand: Legion of the Damned – Slaves of the Southern Cross
Martyr – Art of Deception
Lion – Never Surrender
Diggeth – Keep on Diggin
Axl Rose – Rock the Rock
Dream Theater – Untethered Angel
AC/DC – Problem Child

Tweede uur:
Disabuse – Grease The Guillotine
Cover van de week: WASP – The Real Me (The Who)
Jungle Rot – Delusional Denial
Baggerbox:Circle Jerks – Deny Everything
Evergrey – A silent Arc
King Daimond – Sleepless Night
Kong – Astral Calls
The Lucifer Principle – Breaking Point
Candlemass – The omega Circle
Suicidal Tendencies – All Kinda Crazy
Exarsis – Chaos Creation